Ready to make the move from Landlord to Banker?

How to Create Truly Passive Cash Flow and 88% Higher Profits WITHOUT Tenants

From the desk of Susan Lassiter-Lyons
Denver, CO

Are you a landlord who’s sick of the daily struggle with the 3 T’s: toilets, trash and tenants?

Are you sick of spending all your profit to make your property ‘rentable’ every time a tenant moves out?

Are you new to real estate looking for a way to create truly PASSIVE cash flow without the hassle of managing tenants?

You’re not alone.

The biggest issue for most real estate investors is understanding that...

Not All Income is Created Equal

In real estate, like most businesses, you can generate transactional income or recurring income.

Transactional income is the one time big chunks of money that flippers and wholesalers make.

Recurring income is that monthly cash flow that landlords and lenders make.

I believe that a successful real estate investing business needs BOTH types of income BUT that recurring income is the true wealth builder.

But not just ANY recurring income.

Passive recurring income. Like TRULY passive.

Remember the Robert Kiyosaki cash Flow Quadrant from Rich dad?


What I'm talking about is going from the left side of the quadrant as a "Self Employed Landlord" to the right side of the quadrant as a true "Passive Investor."

Who Would You Rather Be?

A) John wakes up at 4am on the first day of the month PRAYING that his tenants are on time with their rent. Or that they haven't just disappeared and left a huge mess behind.

B) Bob sleeps soundly every night KNOWING that the money is rolling in without the late night phone calls, disastrous messes and shenanigans that almost all tenants pull.

I chose B several years ago and that’s how I discovered this simple cash flow model.

Hi, My name is Susan Lassiter-Lyons.

I’m the founder of twice voted the #1 real estate investing blog and the Amazon #1 best selling author of Getting the Money.2-headshot

More importantly, I’m an active real estate investor who has closed over 600 deals, has 740 units nationwide and I’ve raised more than $26 million in private capital.

But it didn’t start out that way.

Far from it.

I remember when I started out in real estate back in 1994, I was looking for a way to earn enough income from my real estate ‘side gig’ to replace my monthly income so I could quit and pursue real estate full time.

At the time I was rehabbing and flipping residential properties in Denver and even though I was doing ‘ok’, it was hard to leave my job because the income from flips only happened once every few months.

I had to find a way to create recurring income from real estate.

So, I decided to keep a few of the properties as rentals to create some monthly cash flow stability so I could leave my job.

And you know what that means…

Tenants. Dirty, Irresponsible, Whiny Tenants.

Now I’m sure that there are some landlords who have great luck attracting good tenants.

Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

I think I managed to attract every horrible tenant in Denver…including a guy named Dale.

Dale was a bad guy.

He harassed the other tenants in the triplex, vandalized our laundry room and even threatened me when I charged a fee for a late rent payment.

He called the local zoning office for every little thing…

If the yard was a little brown due to water restrictions in a drought, I got a citation because he complained.

If his unit was damaged because his toilet was leaking (and he let it leak for months without notifying me), a simple $100 repair turned into a $3,000 repair that included mold remediation AND a complaint to the local housing commission.

Luckily, Dale finally left after I refused to renew his lease and I vowed that that I would NEVER manage rentals ever again.

I Decided to Sell My Headache Properties But Keep the Cash Flow

I decided to sell off my residential properties and managed to unload them all … except one duplex.

This was in 2007, just before the mortgage meltdown and investors were having a tough time getting funding for new purchases.

Not only that, but the duplex lost value and was now over-leveraged meaning I owed more on it than it was worth.

I was starting to worry until one of my friends suggested I offer seller financing.

I put it up on CraigsList as a turnkey rental opportunity with seller financing and within MINUTES the offers started pouring in.

I sold the property in 3 days to a couple who were more interested in TERMS than PRICE. (more about this later)

So, I Used a Cool Hack to Finance the Sale That Every Investor Should Know

By “wrapping” the existing mortgage.

This wrap mortgage allowed me to sell the ‘unsellable’ duplex for above market value AND create cash flow out of thin air that came in every month like clockwork.

WITHOUT annoying tenants like Dale.

Once the ‘mortgage payments’ from my buyer started coming in every month like clockwork, I was hooked.

Now, on the surface a ‘wrap mortgage’ sounds complicated.

But it’s not.

It’s a very simple system that’s been used for many years by smart real estate investors.

Both to BUY properties and to SELL properties.

Here’s How a Wrap Mortgage Works…


Let's say I have a property that has a mortgage on it for $80,000 and it's worth $100,000.

I can create a seller carry 2nd mortgage for $20,000 and create a wrap mortgage for the new buyer of $100,000.

This new $100,000 mortgage "wraps around" the $80,000 first mortgage and the $20,000 second mortgage.

My buyer pays on the $100,000 mortgage, I make the mortgage payment on the $80,000 bank mortgage and I pocket the difference aka the loan "spread."

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.57.59 AM

There's the existing loan on the left... and my wrap mortgage on the right...



And you now have a simple way to generate recurring income aka cash-flow WITHOUT tenants.

You Can Easily Go from Landlord to Banker in DAYS Just by Implementing my Simple Wrap System.

No kidding… you’ll be SHOCKED at how quickly properties with seller financing get scooped up by hungry buyers!

How cool will it be to have a few cash flow producing properties automatically and predictably spitting out hassle-free profits for you every month?

Imagine how your life will change in just a matter of days when you’re able to kiss those annoying tenants goodbye forever (see ya, Dale!) and enjoy the peace and freedom that you deserve!

You might be thinking, this sounds great. But why are YOU teaching this?

Here’s the deal…

Since I started in this business in 1994, I’ve CLOSED more than 600 real estate deals.

I’ve done everything from tiny residential deals to multi-million dollar multifamily deals and since I started training and coaching real estate investors in 2009, I’ve noticed several common factors keeping average investors from real success…

  • Living from deal to deal
  • No plan for sustainable growth
  • Doing all the work themselves (remember self-employed vs true investor)

In my business I had already SOLVED these problems.

I transitioned away from ‘transactional income’ only and implemented a sustainable growth plan that included reliable cash flow without the headaches and hassle of tenants.

In short...

I Was a BANKER Not a Landlord

And I even found a way to outsource the whole thing!

As a landlord, you either have to manage the properties yourself or pay a property management company an arm and a leg to do it.

And let’s face it; finding a good property manager for single-family homes is like winning the lottery.

It’s RARE.

But as a banker, it’s easy and cheap to outsource the ‘servicing’ of my loans to a loan servicer.

So I started teaching my simple Wrap System to a few coaching students who were also tired of being landlords and the results were awesome.

Steve Driscoll came to me looking for a way to create truly passive income and he had NO interest in being a landlord. So, we worked on a "buy with private money to sell on a wrap" plan and he's just closed on his 6th house!


And my coaching student Jon Burns put together an investor group to purchase properties just to sell on wrap mortgages that makes more than $3,000 profit PER MONTH.

With both Steve and Jon, I shared…

  • How to go from Landlord to Banker so that you can make TRUE passive income month after month.
  • How to sell houses fast at above market prices and collect income on them month after month… year after year.
  • How to buy houses specifically to resell with seller financing and have your down payment reimbursed by the seller!

If you’re reading this right now it means that you’re in the right place at the right time.

Real estate is HOT and only getting hotter.

If you’re brand new, NOW is the time to get in.

If you’re experienced, NOW is the time to add more properties with less work and more profits.


In the Wrap System, You’ll Have a Step-By-Step Plan That’s Easy To Understand, Affordable And Immediately Workable

Here’s what you get…

Module 1 – How to Create Your Real Estate Cash Cow

  • How to create a real estate ‘cash cow’ that pays you for up to 30 years like clockwork
  • How to produce cash flow (and equity) out of thin air without time and energy sucking tenants.
  • Sell homes faster than your competition without having to wait for loan approvals that quickly turn into denials usually just a few days before closing. (When you’re the bank, YOU approve or deny the loan so no surprises EVER!)
  • How bankers make money – the secret that THEY don’t want the masses to know - but now you do and can beat them at their own game.
  • How to calculate the two most important ratios in seller finance – the spread and the yield – to pinpoint the exact moment you will achieve maximum ROI with minimum effort
  • The BIGGEST difference between collecting RENT or collecting MORTGAGE payments and why one is infinitely better than the other.
  • Deeds, notes and mortgages – the step by step process flow based on the state you’re in
  • The top 4 benefits of seller financing to buyers
  • The top 6 benefits of seller financing to sellers (it’s no secret I think the top one is NO TENANTS!)
  • Real life wrap mortgage profit snapshots – up to $567 per month on ONE house!

Module 2 – How to Sell on a Wrap

  • What buyers REALLY want (6 things) and how to accomplish all of it with a wrap mortgage
  • How tax deductions work in wrap mortgages (think you give up big bucks when you seller finance? Think again!)
  • How NOT to give up all of the property appreciation even in a wrap sale!
  • How to tweak the price and terms of your financing to maximize your return on investment – how’s a 121.66% ROI sound to you?

Module 3 – How to Underwrite Your Loan

  • The simple 5 step checklist to underwrite a loan including the #1 thing you’re looking for from a borrower (spoiler alert: it’s not what you think)
  • The Dodd Frank Act, safe harbor and ‘qualified’ loans – how to follow all the rules to create a six-figure a year cash flow real estate empire
  • What happens in escrow and at closing – it’s almost like you’re already there sitting right across the table eyeballing your big check!

Module 4 – Loan servicing

  • How to collect your money yourself OR outsource it to the pros for pennies (4 awesome resources that are inexpensive, tested and reliable)
  • How to easily prepare tax statements and payoff statements like a boss – can you type and click? Cool, you got this.

Module 5 – How to Sell Your Notes

  • Transactional vs recurring income… why you need both but obviously one is better for empire building.
  • The #1 most important thing to a note buyer (surprise – it isn’t how ‘seasoned’ the note is!)
  • How to price your note for maximum profit AND a fast sale
  • A FREE note ‘calculator’ that instantly calculates the ‘yield’ and ‘discount’
  • My recommended note buyers list just waiting to buy your notes (IF you are willing to give up that sweet, sweet cash flow)

Module 6 – The Due on Sale Clause

  • Why this ONE concept freaks investors out so much. (Seriously, WHY does it freak everyone out so much? It’s like Big Foot. Lots of people claim it’s real but have YOU ever seen it? No, me neither.)
  • I’ll share a FREE due on sale agreement that you can use to ‘cover you’re a#$’ with wrap mortgage buyers

Module 7 – What Happens in a Default?

  • This ONE tactic I have used for years is the reason why I have never had a foreclosure on any of my seller financed mortgages
  • The 3 documents you need in the buyer’s file (including a Surrender of ________ ) that protects you against buyers that wanna play games. We don’t play games; Our seller financing game is TIGHT!
  • Judicial vs non judicial foreclosure – should you only offer seller financing in certain states? No, and I’ll prove to you why.

Module 8 – The Wrap Up

  • The 6 keys to success in seller financing and getting YOU started as a BANKER!

So, what is a system like this worth to you? Think of this way…. What if you went from cash flow NEGATIVE on a rental to cash flow POSITIVE on the same property?

What if you TRIPLED your cash flow?

Imagine how that will feel … especially without pesky tenants!

No system is complete without great bonuses. And I’ve got you covered here, too!

Here's Your Bonuses

Bonus #1 – The Wrap Mortgage Kit – All the documents you need to execute this profit strategy ($197 value)

Bonus #2 – Case Studies! #1 – How to Profit from Appreciation Even After You Sell a Property and #2 – The ‘Subject To & Wrap Formula ($197 value)

Bonus #3 - 360° Support - Get all your questions answered in the Member's Area by ME personally! ($997 value)

Today you’ll get complete access to the entire Wrap System training for only …

Retail Price: $197, EARLY BIRD PRICE - Just $97 (Save $100!)

Yes, I want TRULY passive income in real estate!

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The Wrap System is something that you can implement IMMEDIATELY in your business.

You’ll learn every detail and we’ll cover everything you need to be successful immediately, nothing is held back!

Not to mention the fact that if you look at everything I’ll be teaching you in every module in this system, the amount of content included can’t be found anywhere else – I’ve looked!

No one else is teaching the mechanics of a wrap mortgage for real estate investors which means you’re already saving thousands of dollars in future costs when you enroll today!

If you took ONE rental and sold it on a wrap mortgage, you’re eliminating tenant hassles, repairs, maintenance AND capturing an 88% ROI in your first year!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.58.23 PM


I’ll take that EVERY day and twice on Sunday!

And when you enroll today, I have a special fast action bonus for you!

I’m including a copy of my Wrap System software.

That's what's producing the screenshots you see throughout this letter.

This is a simple tool I had created (in Excel format) that tracks both the underlying mortgage AND the wrap mortgage to instantly calculate your net cash flow and ROI on a monthly and annual basis.


All my programs come with a 30-day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If the program doesn’t get you the results you want, let us know and I’ll refund your investment immediately.

Click the big green Add to Cart button right now to get your Early Bird copy of the Wrap System and let me help you go from LANDLORD to BANKER.

Retail Price: $197, EARLY BIRD PRICE - Just $97 (Save $100!)

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See you on the inside!






P.S. Implementing true PASSIVE income into your business is the key to a 6-figure real estate investing company. You can either make a great decision and solve this problem here today or keep trying to solve it on your own. (How’s that worked out for you so far?)

P.P.S. Remember you have to act FAST to get your copy of my Wrap Mortgage Calculator software! Easily a $97 value and automates an important part of my Seller Financing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have any rental properties to sell on a wrap? +

No worries. Be like my student Steve who is buying properties solely to re-sell with wrap mortgages.

Do I need to be a licensed mortgage broker to do this? +

No, not at all. You can take the loan applications yourself OR I show you how to work with a loan originator and/or servicer to handle this side of your business.

Seriously, you're SURE the due on sale clause won't get me? +

I can't guarantee it but I personally have never heard of or met anyone who has had a loan called due because of a wrap. AND, if for some reason you are the first, there are lots of options which I discus in the training.

Still Have Questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have! Two ways to get in touch...

  1. Private Message me on Facebook. Go to my page here. and click the button to send me a message. (This usually gets the fastest response)
  2. Send an email to our sales desk at with the subject line "Wrap System" and ask away!